What's Interseed?

Interseed is a digital platform that helps Impact Founders navigate funding and attract talent.

Our Vision

To build Southeast Asia’s Largest Impact-Driven Community

<aside> 👉🏼 We make it easier for individuals and companies to focus on building and growing their impact.


Why are we doing this?

TLDR: It shouldn't be so hard and lonely to do good or make an impact.

We know these through a combination of:

So how does this help?

Our work will directly contribute towards accelerating solutions towards important issues like Energy Transitions, Circular Economy, Food & Agriculture. By facilitating these startups in the region, we are facilitating more efficient solutions for sustainability and helping startups create higher quality jobs and talents in the field.

What do we mean by Impact Founders?

So this is a bit of a tricky one. In short, impact founders are those running startups trying to tackle sustainability issues. We term these startups as impact startups.

There's a bit to unpack there so here we go: